npm monthly #2: Chai 4, ESLint 4, webpack 2.6 and 3, gulp-uglify 3 and jsdom 11!

Hey folks, JP from Gemnasium here for our monthly npm digest!

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So, what’s new and worth your time this month?

Chai 4

HUGE release for Chai.

  • It’s faster, thanks to the rewritten deep equality code.
  • The behavior of deep has changed and is now only for deep equality. For nested assertions, use the .nested flag.
  • better error messages, that are more explicit, and will help you better to fix typos and mistakes, too.
  • The doc has been rewritten for the most part.

There are a bunch more features, breaking changes and bug fixes. They’re all detailed in the changelog just here.

ESLint 4

It’s a fresh release that got pushed this week. It comes with seven new rules added (array-element-newline, semi-style, padding-line-between-statements, for-direction, switch-colon-spacing, array-bracket-newline and, no-buffer-constructor), and some have been deprecated.

There’s an official blog post that goes into all the nitty-gritty of it, check it out!

webpack 2.6 and 3.0 RC

Version 2.6 adds a webpackMode comment option for import() and output.chunkLoadTimeout. It also has a few bugfixes.

Version 3, on the other hand, has few new features, bugfixes, and some internal changes.

There are breaking changes, though:

  • node_modules no longer mangle to ~ in stats
  • added output.libraryExport to select an export for the library
  • sourceMapFilename now supports [contenthash]

There were also some performance improvements, timeout for HMR requests is configurable and a few more things.

You can look the changelog for 2.6 and 3.0 to get all the details.

gulp-uglify 3

There’s not a lot to say, but as it’s pretty popular package on Gemnasium, we thought we would mention that this new version targets UglifyJS 3. If you need to stick with Uglify JS, you should stay on gulp-uglify 2.

There’s also a few breaking changes, all detailed here.

jsdom 11

This version is only for Node.js 6+ and comes with an overhauled way to work with event handler properties and attributes to better follow the spec.

The jsdom team also upgraded parse5 from v1 to v3, which improved HTML parsing.

There’s a TON of things, if you use jsdom, go review all the changes now. It’s a better version of itself but also has some breaking changes, partially due to the upgrade of parse5.

The changelog is right, here.

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