Opening the Gemnasium Enterprise Beta

Gemnasium has been around for a few years now, and we’re thankful to have such a huge impact on your projects, private or open source, and the community as a whole.

Over the years, we have helped over 500 000 projects ensure that their dependencies are up to date and are not affected by known security issues on their dependencies. You read that right: 500 000. This gave us an incredible chance to talk with a lot of you and understand better your needs.

As we spoke with our users, it became obvious there were a lot of features requests that pointed us to an enterprise version of Gemnasium. Things like supporting GitHub Enterprise, GitLab, Bitbucket Server or supporting private dependencies hosted on your infrastructure. There is also a lot of people that would prefer us not to see their code ever for security reasons, and that’s fair.

Here comes Gemnasium Enterprise to the rescue

We worked hard toward that direction for the last year and started the beta recently with a few waves of businesses that asked for early access.

We’re happy to say today that we’re ready to go to the next step. Everyone who is interested in Gemnasium Enterprise can join the private beta!

Gemnasium Enterprise features

So, what are the key features that make Gemnasium Enterprise differ from

  • It is installed on your servers and stays on your local network. We do NOT have access to your code.
  • Support for GitHub Enterprise
  • Support for GitLab (hosted on-premise and
  • Support for Bitbucket Server is coming in the next few weeks
  • Support for private dependency registry coming in Q1 (we will support private registries like Gemfury and Gem in a Box for instance)
  • Easy setup with Docker that can be done in a few minutes (require a different way to install Gemnasium Enterprise? Get in touch and we’ll figure something out for you.)

Like the version on, the enterprise version also supports those key features:

  • Email or Slack alerts if there are security advisories affecting one of your dependency or one of your dependencies’ dependency
  • We can send you digests of the changes in your packages across your projects or for one project
  • We support Ruby’s RubyGems, Javascript’s npm & Bower, Python’s PyPi and PHP’s Packagist packages. Java/Maven coming in Q1.

Getting started with the beta

So you’re interested in learning more or get started with he beta? You can either just email us or fill the form on the enterprise page and we’ll get you started shortly!

We have a lot more planned coming in Q1 for both the SaaS and the Enterprise versions, stay tuned!