PHP packages monthly: PHPUnit 6, PHP_CodeSniffer 3, Silex 2.1, Swiftmailer 6, Symfony 3.3.0 RC1 and more!

Welcome to our first PHP package monthly! What’s this all about? Being a company that monitors people’s dependencies to help them keep their project safe and up to date, we have a lot of data about packages.

We asked ourselves how we can use that data to be even more useful to our customers and the whole community.

The answer? PHP package monthly. A monthly newsletter that will tell you about a handful of the most notable package updates of the last month.

We send this only to people who have PHP projects configured on Gemnasium or people subscribing specifically for this. You can also unsubscribe from it, while still receiving our other emails if you want.

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Without further ado, let’s talk about some packages!

PHPUnit 6.1.0 to 6.1.4

The popular testing tool had many releases recently. 6.1.0 got out in early April, followed by a few patch releases.

What’s in it?

  • Show previous exceptions in TeamCity logfile
  • Implement configuration option to set a default test suite
  • Implement configuration option to ignore deprecated code from code coverage
  • And more additions, changes and bug fixes!

All the details of the 6.1.x releases here in the official changelog.

Not sure which of your projects are using which versions and need an update? Check this page while you’re logged in Gemnasium to get all those details.

PHP_CodeSniffer 3.0.0

3.0 is a BIG release of PHP_CodeSniffer. It contains a lot of core changes and breaks a few things too.

It now requires PHP 5.4+.

There is now optional caching of results between runs, support for checking file in parallel, the encoding was changed from iso-8859-1 to utf-8 and well over 10 other major changes.

Check out the details here!

Silex 2.1.0

You like Symfony but you want something a bit more light? Maybe you’re using Silex?

The team behind the micro-framework based on Symfony components released version 2.1.0. It now has support for registering Swiftmailer plugins, WebLink component integration and FormRegistry was added as a service to enable the extension point. They also removed the build scripts. And a few more changes, all documented in the changelog just here.

Swiftmailer 6.0.0

We just talked about the integration of Silex with Swiftmailer, now let’s talk about this major version of Swiftmailer itself.

First things first, you’ll need PHP 7+ to use it. What else?

  • added Swift_Transport::ping()
  • removed Swift_Mime_HeaderFactory, Swift_Mime_HeaderSet, Swift_Mime_Message, Swift_Mime_MimeEntity, and Swift_Mime_ParameterizedHeader interfaces
  • removed Swift_MailTransport and Swift_Transport_MailTransport
  • removed Swift_Encoding
  • removed the Swift_Transport_MailInvoker interface and Swift_Transport_SimpleMailInvoker class
  • removed the Swift_SignedMessage class
  • removed newInstance() methods everywhere
  • methods operating on Date header now use DateTimeImmutable object instead of Unix timestamp; Swift_Mime_Headers_DateHeader::getTimestamp()/setTimestamp() renamed to getDateTime()/setDateTime()

Check out which version you use and start preparing your upgrade!

JMSSerializerBundle 2.0.0

Is this a major release or not?

Well, yes and no. No new features in this, mostly changes in configuration defaults that in some case helps performance, better error handling, etc. There are a few breaking changes, though.

Want to upgrade anyway? Here’s an upgrade guide and check the version your projects are using.

Codeception 2.3.0 & 2.3.1

Codeception just released 2.3 a few days ago with support for PHPUnit 6.x.

What else? Installation templates, configuration improvements a new way to populate the DB and more. You can read the announcement blog post here.

Symfony 3.3.0 RC1

Ok, this is not a final release, but it’s a pretty big release of one of the most popular that’s coming…so we thought we would mention it. It’s coming soon…

It’ll have JSON authentication, better Profiler config panel, a new Cache adapter for Memcached, Dotenv, simpler service configuration, improved flash messages, faster routing, redesigned exception pages, persisted deprecation logs and a lot more.

You can see an extensive list of what was in beta 1, what RC1 fixed or even a bunch of blog posts on Symfony’s site.

Ready to dive in? Look at the upgrade guide here.

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