Ruby gems.rb and gems.lock file support

With bundle 2.0 just around the corner, some changes are coming in the Ruby community. The most visible breaking change will be the usage of new files to replace Gemfile and Gemfile.lock. There have been a lot of discussion around these files, started in 2010. The core team has decided to rename these files to gems.rb and gems.lock. It will be now the default files for all ruby projects using dependencies.

Some developers already started the transition, and asked us to support these files in Gemnasium. It was done since a while, and we didn’t take a chance to communicate on this new feature.

In short, gems.rb and gems.lock files are supported in Gemnasium (including the Enterprise version of course):

Add static files

A new version of our CLI, Gemnasium Toolbelt has also been released to allow these files.