Rubygems Monthly - Sept 2017 with Spree, Puma, Sequel, Redis, Bundler, Sprockets and Mongoid!

Hey folks, after the summer break, we’re back with our Rubygems Monthly newsletter!

Quick news about Gemnasium:

That’s the biggest news of the last few weeks :)

Let’s talk about the major gem releases of the last month now!

Spree 3.3.0

The Spree team released this new version a couple of weeks ago. And it includes a bunch of major features.

It now supports Rails 5.1 and Ruby 2.4, to start with. They’ve also added support for Segment natively. They also added some indexes and uniqueness validation on some fields that might take a long time to be applied for stores with a large volume of data.

There was also some work done on shipment, inventory units and store credits management.

All the details and steps to upgrade are right here.

Puma 3.1.0 is a teapot

An April Fools’ joke of 1998 made it in Puma 3.1.0. Yup! “I’m a teapot” :)

But that’s not all, thankfully. It comes with a slew of bug fixes and also endpoints to kick a GC and to get GC status via the status server. It’s also possible now to configure the first data timeout.

See the details of the bug fixes and everything new and changed in the changelog.

Sequel 5.0

I know for a fact that Sequel is used and loved by a lot of Rubyists. If you’re one of those, you’ll be served with this new major release. It has like 30 something new things, bug fixes, and changes. Wayyy too many things to list them all here.

I highly suggest going through the changelog if you are using it and want to plan your upgrade.

Redis 4.0

This new version of the Redis gem comes with only a few, but important changes. To start, Redis.connect was removed, you need to use Ruby < 2.2.2 support was dropped and a couple more things. You can see the changelog here.

Other major gem upgrades to come…

Bundler 1.16.0 is coming with about 15-20 new features and about 20-25 bugfixes. You can see the changelog for 1.16.0.pre.1 here.

There are a few Sprockets 4.0.0 betas out there…and it looks like it’ll be major with source maps, manifest.js (a new way to declare what needs to be precompiled) and ES6 support. They have a guide to upgrading right here with more details. You should upgrade to the latest 3.x before upgrading to 4.x, so you can start by that while you wait for 4.0.

Finally, Mongoid 7.0.0.beta is has been out for almost a month now. It’s a large refactor that include some behavior changes but the API is mostly unchanged. You can see the release notes here.

Need help upgrading your Ruby apps?

One last thing…we know you’re busy, but your app needs to upgraded sometimes. We wrote a blog post about big Ruby on Rails upgrades that can help you go through that.

We can also help you with your Ruby apps maintenance and upgrade while you focus on providing value to your customers. We started offering this service officially recently. In fact, we did it for a long time, but we just went public not too long ago. If you would like help, just reach out to me via email at

See you next month! (or next week, if you are subscribed to the npm monthly newsletter too).

JP Boily