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Changelog for 3.3.7

Release announcement blog post:


  • #19192 Fix keyboard navigation for toggle buttons (checkbox, radio, single toggle) following a mouse click
  • #19659: Clear tooltip's $element to prevent leaking memory
  • #20019: Avoid calling jQuery('#') since it's a syntax error in jQuery 3
  • #20259: Backport jQuery-related JS unit test fixes from v4
  • #20278: button.js: Set disabled property in addition to disabled attribute, for jQuery 3 compatibility
  • #20313: Avoid using $.offset() on SVGs since it gives incorrect results in jQuery 3
  • #20338: Update jQuery version check and jQuery dependency version range to allow jQuery 3


No significant changes.


  • #19704: Add aria-label and callout about labeling pagination components


  • #19263 Bump html5shiv to v3.7.3
  • #19273 Port v4 browser support table format to v3
  • #19893: Update jQuery to v1.12.4
  • Numerous Wall of Browser Bugs updates

Dependencies for 3.3.7

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1.9.1 - 3

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