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Name Latest version Description
Gems AAA_12345 0.0.0
First gem created
Gems AABeginnerTestGem 0.1.0
This gems is for the beginners in Ruby and more precisely in RubyGems. Thanks to this gem the beginners can easily test and interact with a gem.
Gems AA_12345 0.0.0
First gem created
Gems ABCLogger 0.0.2
Ruby class for logging to stdout, stderr, or a file.
Gems ABIF 0.0.1
ABIF file format reader/parse/plotter.
Gems ACORD 0.0.0
A Ruby toolbox for implementing the specifications of the Association for Cooperative Operations Research and Development.
Gems ADB 0.5.6
Simple wrapper over Android Debug Bridge command-line tool
Gems AGOntoMan 0.0.1
This is an ontology manager app which uses allegro graph as repository.
Gems ALD 0.1.1
A gem containing helpers for the ALD API, the ALD package format and ALD package definitions.
Gems ALEX-VANCOILLIE-thermostat-exercise 0.1.1
A thermostat gem
Gems ALU0100893649_ALIMENTO 1.1.0
"Clase para gestionar los glúcidos, lípidos y proteínas de un alimento específico"
Gems AMS 0.99.0
AMS is placeholder gem for the AMS namespace, used by the active_model_serializers gem.
Gems API2Cart 0.0.1
Ruby toolkit for the API2Cart API
Gems API42 1.0.1
A simple ruby wrapper for 42 API
Gems API_Deliveree 0.0.5
Gem to wrap API
Gems APRS-IS 0.0.1
Allows you to interact with the APRS-IS network with your ruby applications
Gems AP_APITools 0.1.2
Various Tools to interact with AP from a console. Bulk upload, Image downloads
Gems AR2H 1.0.0
This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
Gems ASMOperations 0.0.1
Simple project, right now supports only basic types, later on i will add more assembly operations
Gems ATrigger 0.0.1
See for more info
Gems AVClub 1.0.4
Setup an AVCaptureSession with video, multiple cameras, and still image capabilities. You can also easily have touch-to-focus and flash-on-picture features.
Gems AWSAccessKeyScan 0.1
Scans your computer for easy to find AWS Access Keys
Gems AXElements 7.0.1
AXElements is a UI automation library built on top of various OS X frameworks. You can use AXElements to write functional tests for Cocoa apps, script UI interactions, or even to build higher level tools such as screen readers.
Gems AXTyper 0.8.0
Simulate keyboard input via the Mac OS X Accessibility Framework. This gem is a component of AXElements.
Gems A_123 1.2.0
First gem created
Gems A_12345 0.0.0
First gem created
Gems AboutYou-Ruby-SDK 0.0.2
Use the Ruby SDK to build apps for the ABOUT YOU platform.
Gems AbsoluteRenamer 1.1.2
AbsoluteRenamer is a very powerful tool that helps files and directories renaming using the Krename syntax. Unlike many batch renaming tools, AbsoluteRenamer is able to rename folders. AbsoluteRenamer is modular and can be extended to adapt itself to any kind of file or to add new options and features.
Gems Acai 0.0.0
Teste acai
Gems AccessRange 0.2.0
A range with accessible attributes. V 0.2.0 provides all range functions.