Ruby library for integrating with the Braintree Gateway

Critical or Security advisories for 2.79.0

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Changelog for 2.79.0

  • Add `device_data_captured` field to `risk_data`

  • Add submit_for_settlement to Braintree::Subscription.retry_charge

  • Add `options` -> `paypal` -> `description` for creating and updating subscriptions

  • Add `bin` to `ApplePayCard`

  • Add support for upgrading a PayPal future payment refresh token to a billing agreement

  • Fix spec to expect PayPal transaction to settle immediately after successful capture

  • Add GrantedPaymentInstrumentUpdate webhook support

  • Add `options` -> `paypal` -> `shipping` for creating & updating customers as well as creating payment methods

  • Add ability to create a transaction from a shared nonce

  • Add ruby 2.4 compatibility for the XML Generator (thanks @kinkade!)

  • Add README note for supression of logs (thanks @badosu!)

  • Allow `VenmoAccount` to be returned from `PaymentMethod.find` (thanks @NickMele!)

Dependencies for 2.79.0

Name Requirement Status
>= 2.0.0

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