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Critical or Security advisories for 1.16.0

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Changelog for 1.16.0



  • avoid new RubyGems warning about unsafe YAML loading (to keep output consistent) (@segiddins)
  • load digest subclasses in a thread-safe manner (@segiddins, @colby-swandale)
  • avoid unusued variable warnings under ruby 2.5 (@amatsuda)
  • fix printing the same message twice in verbose mode (#6028, @akhramov)
  • allow SignalExceptions to bubble up to the interpreter during bundle exec (#6090, @dekellum)
  • avoid activating stdlib digest under Ruby 2.5 (@segiddins)
  • prioritise explicitly requested gems in dependency resolution sort order (@segiddins)
  • reduce memory usage during dependency resolution (#6114, @greysteil)
  • ensure that the default bundler gem is not accidentally activated on ruby 2.5 when using local git overrides (@segiddins)

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