Capybara is an integration testing tool for rack based web applications. It simulates how a user would interact with a website

Critical or Security advisories for 2.14.0

This version doesn't have any advisory. Want to report one?

Changelog for 2.14.0

  • "threadsafe" mode that allows per-session configuration
  • :type filter added to the :fillable_field selector
  • Proxy methods when using RSpec for all/within that call either the Capybara::DSL or RSpec matchers depending on arguments passed
  • Support for the new errors in selenium-webdriver 3.4


  • Element#inspect doesn't raise an error on obsolete elements
  • Setting a contenteditable element with Selenium and Chrome 59
  • Workaround a hang while setting the window size when using geckodriver 0.16 and Firefox 53
  • Clicking on url with a blank href goes to the current url when using the RackTest driver

Dependencies for 2.14.0

Name Requirement Status
>= 0

>= 1.16

>= 1.3.3

>= 1.0.0

>= 0.5.4

~> 2.0

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