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Collects test coverage data from your Ruby test suite and sends it to Code Climate's hosted, automated code review service. Based on SimpleCov.

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Changelog for 1.0.0



  • Previously, this gem extended Simplecov with a custom formatter which posted results to Code Climate. Now, you are responsible for executing Simplecov yourself.

    • If you already have the following in your test/testhelper.rb (or spechelper.rb, cucumber env.rb, etc)

    ruby require 'codeclimate-test-reporter' CodeClimate::TestReporter.start

    then you should replace it with

    ruby require 'simplecov' SimpleCov.start

  • Previously, the codeclimate-test-reporter automatically uploaded results at the end of your test suite. Now, you are responsible for running codeclimate-test-reporter as a separate step in your build.

  • Previously, this gem added some exclusion rules tuned according to feedback from its users, and now these no longer happen automatically. If you are experiencing a discrepancy in test coverage % after switching to the new gem version, it may be due to missing exclusions. Filtering vendor, spec, or test directories may fix this issue.

  • Previously, during the execution of multiple test suites, this gem would send results from the first suite completed. You are now expected to run an executable packaged with this gem as a separate build step, which means that whatever results are there (likely the results from the last suite) will be posted to Code Climate.

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