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Critical or Security advisories for 4.2.1

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Changelog for 4.2.1

  • 2017-03-15

    • removals
    • Devise::Mailer#scope_name and Devise::Mailer#resource are now protected methods instead of public.
    • bug fixes
    • Attempt to reset password without the password field in the request now results in a :blank validation error. Before this change, Devise would accept the reset password request and log the user in, without validating/changing the password. (by @victor-am)
    • Confirmation links now expire based on UTC time, working properly when using different timezones. (by @jjuliano)
    • enhancements
    • Notify the original email when it is changed with a new Devise.send_email_changed_notification setting. When using reconfirmable, the notification will be sent right away instead of when the unconfirmed email is confirmed. (original change by @ethirajsrinivasan)

Dependencies for 4.2.1

Name Requirement Status
~> 3.0

~> 0.1

< 5.1, >= 4.1.0

>= 0

~> 1.2.3

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