Faker, a port of Data::Faker from Perl, is used to easily generate fake data: names, addresses, phone numbers, etc.

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Closed issues:

  • The latest version does not contain Faker::ProgarmmingLanguage, but the documentation said it does. #1083
  • undefined method `initials' for Faker::Name:Class #1076
  • Undefined method `dish' for Faker::Food:Class #1038
  • Need Silicon Valley #1026
  • Would it be possible to tie quotes to characters? #1011
  • Generated phone numbers dont seem to be valid. #1010
  • Faker::RickAndMorty not supported in 1.7.3 #988
  • Weird crash with Faker 1.8.3 #982
  • Faker::PhoneNumber.cell_phone not enforcing locale #499
  • https url scheme #459
  • New feature: Google video and image searching #306
  • The array extension method :sample throw an argument error when the array is empty #94
  • phone_number can generate invalid US numbers #24

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~> 0.9.1

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