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HTTP/REST API client library.

Critical or Security advisories for 0.9.2

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Changelog for 0.9.2


  • Enable gzip compression for httpclient
  • Fixes default certificate store for httpclient not having default paths.
  • Make excon adapter compatible with 0.44 excon version
  • Add compatibility with Patron 0.4.20
  • Determine default port numbers in Net::HTTP adapters (Addressable compatibility)
  • em-http: wrap "connection closed by server" as ConnectionFailed type
  • Wrap Errno::ETIMEDOUT in Faraday::Error::TimeoutError


  • Add Rack-compatible support for parsing a[][b]=c nested queries
  • Encode nil values in queries different than empty strings. Before: a=; now: a.
  • Have Faraday::Utils::Headers#replace clear internal key cache
  • Dup the internal key cache when a Headers hash is copied

Env and middleware:

  • Ensure env stored on middleware response has reference to the response
  • Ensure that Response properties are initialized during on_complete (VCR compatibility)
  • Copy request options in Faraday::Connection#dup
  • Env custom members should be copied by Env.from(env)
  • Honour per-request request.options.params_encoder
  • Fix interval_randomness data type for Retry middleware
  • Add maximum interval option for Retry middleware

Dependencies for 0.9.2

Name Requirement Status
< 3, >= 1.2

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