A secure, non-evaling end user template engine with aesthetic markup.

Critical or Security advisories for 4.0.0

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Changelog for 4.0.0

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  • Render an opaque internal error by default for non-Liquid::Error (#835) [Dylan Thacker-Smith]
  • Ruby 2.0 support dropped (#832) [Dylan Thacker-Smith]
  • Add to_number Drop method to allow custom drops to work with number filters (#731)
  • Add strictvariables and strictfilters options to detect undefined references (#691)
  • Improve loop performance (#681) [Florian Weingarten]
  • Rename Drop method before_method to liquid_method_missing (#661) [Thierry Joyal]
  • Add urldecode filter to invert urlencode (#645) [Larry Archer]
  • Add global_filter to apply a filter to all output (#610) [Loren Hale]
  • Add compact filter (#600) [Carson Reinke]
  • Rename deprecated "haskey?" and "hasinterrupt?" methods (#593) [Florian Weingarten]
  • Include template name with line numbers in render errors (574) [Dylan Thacker-Smith]
  • Add sort_natural filter (#554) [Martin Hanzel]
  • Add forloop.parentloop as a reference to the parent loop (#520) [Justin Li]
  • Block parsing moved to BlockBody class (#458) [Dylan Thacker-Smith]
  • Add concat filter to concatenate arrays (#429) [Diogo Beato]
  • Ruby 1.9 support dropped (#491) [Justin Li]
  • Liquid::Template.filesystem's readtemplate_file method is no longer passed the context. (#441) [James Reid-Smith]
  • Remove support for liquid_methods
  • Liquid::Template.register_filter raises when the module overrides registered public methods as private or protected (#705) [Gaurav Chande]


  • Fix map filter when value is a Proc (#672) [Guillaume Malette]
  • Fix truncate filter when value is not a string (#672) [Guillaume Malette]
  • Fix behaviour of escape filter when input is nil (#665) [Tanel Jakobsoo]
  • Fix sort filter behaviour with empty array input (#652) [Marcel Cary]
  • Fix test failure under certain timezones (#631) [Dylan Thacker-Smith]
  • Fix bug in uniq filter (#595) [Florian Weingarten]
  • Fix bug when "blank" and "empty" are used as variable names (#592) [Florian Weingarten]
  • Fix condition parse order in strict mode (#569) [Justin Li]
  • Fix naming of the "context variable" when dynamically including a template (#559) [Justin Li]
  • Gracefully accept empty strings in the date filter (#555) [Loren Hale]
  • Fix capturing into variables with a hyphen in the name (#505) [Florian Weingarten]
  • Fix case sensitivity regression in date standard filter (#499) [Kelley Reynolds]
  • Disallow filters with no variable in strict mode (#475) [Justin Li]
  • Disallow variable names in the strict parser that are not valid in the lax parser (#463) [Justin Li]
  • Fix BlockBody#warnings taking exponential time to compute (#486) [Justin Li]

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