Poltergeist is a driver for Capybara that allows you to run your tests on a headless WebKit browser, provided by PhantomJS.

Critical or Security advisories for 1.14.0

This version doesn't have any advisory. Want to report one?

Changelog for 1.14.0

  • Driver#network_traffic will return blocked page requests if passed :blocked (Kyle Rippey)
  • Driver#evaluate_script can return page elements from JS (Thomas Walpole)
  • Driver#addheader can now accept ":noredirect" for the "permanent" option which removes the header on redirects or subsequent requests. (Stefan Hoffmann)

Bug Fixes

  • Node#== takes page_id into account
  • Error raised if an extension fails to load

Dependencies for 1.14.0

Name Requirement Status
~> 2.1

~> 0.3.1

>= 0.2.0

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