puma (java)

3.10.0 (java)

Puma is a simple, fast, threaded, and highly concurrent HTTP 1.1 server for Ruby/Rack applications. Puma is intended for use in both development and production environments. It's great for highly concurrent Ruby implementations such as Rubinius and JRuby as well as as providing process worker support to support CRuby well.

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Changelog for 3.10.0 (java)


  • 3 features:

    • The status server has a new /gc and /gc-status command. (#1384)
    • The persistent and first data timeouts are now configurable (#1111)
    • Implemented RFC 2324 (#1392)
  • 12 bugfixes:

    • Not really a Puma bug, but @NickolasVashchenko created a gem to workaround a Ruby bug that some users of Puma may be experiencing. See README for more. (#1347)
    • Fix hangups with SSL and persistent connections. (#1334)
    • Fix Rails double-binding to a port (#1383)
    • Fix incorrect thread names (#1368)
    • Fix issues with /etc/hosts and JRuby where localhost addresses were not correct. (#1318)
    • Fix compatibility with RUBYOPT="--enable-frozen-string-literal" (#1376)
    • Fixed some compiler warnings (#1388)
    • We actually run the integration tests in CI now (#1390)
    • No longer shipping unnecessary directories in the gemfile (#1391)
    • If RUBYOPT is nil, we no longer blow up on restart. (#1385)
    • Correct response to SIGINT (#1377)
    • Proper exit code returned when we receive a TERM signal (#1337)
  • 3 refactors:

    • Various test improvements from @grosser
    • Rubocop (#1325)
    • Hoe has been removed (#1395)
  • 1 known issue:

    • Socket activation doesn't work in JRuby. Their fault, not ours. (#1367)

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