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Rack::Test is a small, simple testing API for Rack apps. It can be used on its own or as a reusable starting point for Web frameworks and testing libraries to build on. Most of its initial functionality is an extraction of Merb 1.0's request helpers feature.

Critical or Security advisories for 0.7.0

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Changelog for 0.7.0

  • Major enhancements
  • Minor enhancements
    • Port to RSpec 3. (Murahashi [Matt] Kenichi #70, Antonio Terceiro #134)
    • Add Travis CI (Johannes Barre #108, Jun Aruga #161)
    • Don't append an ampersand when params are empty (sbilharz, #157)
    • Allow symbol access to cookies (Anorlondo448 #156)
    • README: Added Travis badge (Olivier Lacan, Per Lundberg #146)
    • Rack::Test::Utils#build_multipart: Allow passing a third parameter to force multipart (Koen Punt #142)
    • Allow better testing of cookies (Stephen Best #133)
    • make build_multipart work without mixing in Rack::Test::Utils (Aaron Patterson #131)
    • Add license to gemspec (Jordi Massaguer Pla #72, Anatol Pomozov #89, Anatol Pomozov #90, Johannes Barre #109, Mandaryn #115, Chris Marshall #120, Robert Reiz #126, Nic Benders #127, Nic Benders #130)
    • Feature/bulk pr for readme updates (Patrick Mulder #65, Troels Knak-Nielsen #74, Jeff Casimir #76)
    • Switch README format to Markdown (Dennis Sivia #176)
    • Convert History.txt to Markdown (Dennis Sivia #179)
    • Stop generating gemspec file. (Jun Aruga #181)
    • Fix errors at rake docs and whitespace. (Jun Aruga #183)
    • Ensure Rack::Test::UploadedFile closes its tempfile file descriptor on GC (Michael de Silva #180)
    • Change codeclimate URL correctly. (Jun Aruga #186)
  • Bug fixes
    • Initialize digest_username before using it. (Guo Xiang Tan #116, John Drago #124, Mike Perham #154)
    • Do not set Content-Type for DELETE requests (David Celis #132)
    • Adds support for empty arrays in params. (Cedric R??ck, Tim Masliuchenko #125)
    • Update README code example quotes to be consistent. (Dmitry Gritsay #112)
    • Update README not to recommend installing gem with sudo. (T.J. Schuck #87)
    • Set scheme when using ENV to enable SSL (Neil Ang #155)
    • Reuse request method and parameters on HTTP 307 redirect. (Martin Mauch #138)

Dependencies for 0.7.0

Name Requirement Status
< 3, >= 1.0

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