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Rake is a Make-like program implemented in Ruby. Tasks and dependencies are specified in standard Ruby syntax. Rake has the following features: * Rakefiles (rake's version of Makefiles) are completely defined in standard Ruby syntax. No XML files to edit. No quirky Makefile syntax to worry about (is that a tab or a space?) * Users can specify tasks with prerequisites. * Rake supports rule patterns to synthesize implicit tasks. * Flexible FileLists that act like arrays but know about manipulating file names and paths. * Supports parallel execution of tasks.

Critical or Security advisories for 12.2.0

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Changelog for 12.2.0


  • Make rake easier to use as a library Pull request #211 by @drbrain

  • Fix quadratic performance in FileTask#out_of_date? Pull request #224 by @doudou

  • Clarify output when printing nested exception traces Pull request #232 by @urbanautomaton

Bug fixes

  • Account for a file that match 2 or more patterns. Pull request #231 by @styd

Dependencies for 12.2.0

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