Rouge aims to a be a simple, easy-to-extend drop-in replacement for pygments.

Critical or Security advisories for 3.1.0

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Changelog for 3.1.0


Thanks a lot for contributions; not only for the code, but also for the issues and review comments, which are vitally helpful.

  • gemspec
    • Add source code and changelog links to gemspec #785 by @timrogers
  • General
    • Fix #796: comments not followed by a newline are not highlighted #797 by @tyxchen
  • Elem
    • Add Elm language support #744 by @dmitryrogozhny
  • Ruby
    • Add the .erb file extension to ruby highlighting #713 by @jstumbaugh
  • Hack
    • Add basic Hack support #712 by @fredemmott
  • F#
    • Allow double backtick F# identifiers #793 by @nickbabcock
  • Swift
    • Swift support for backticks and keypath syntax #794 by @johnfairh
    • [Swift] Tuple destructuring, function call with lambda argument #837 by @dan-zheng
  • Python
    • Add async and await keywords to Python lexer #799 by @BigChief45
  • Shell
    • Add missing shell commands and missing GNU coreutils executables #798 by @kernhanda
  • PowerShell
    • Add JEA file extensions to powershell #807 by @michaeltlombardi
    • Don't treat [ as a part of an attribute name in SCSS #839 by @hibariya
  • Haskell
    • Don't treat error specially in Haskell #834 by @enolan
  • Rust
    • Rust: highlight the "where" keyword #823 by @lvillani

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