Rouge aims to a be a simple, easy-to-extend drop-in replacement for pygments.

Critical or Security advisories for 3.0.0

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Changelog for 3.0.0


There is no breaking change in the public API, but internals' is changed.

  • general:
    • dropped support for Ruby 1.9, requireing Ruby v2.0.0 (#775 by gfx)
    • [Internal API changes] refactored disaambiguators to removes the use of analyze_text's numeric score interface (#763 by jneen)
    • added rouge guess $file sub-command to test guessers (#773 by gfx)
    • added Rouge::Lexe.guess { fallback } interface (#777 by gfx)
    • removes BOM and normalizes newlines in input sources before lexing (#776 by gfx)
  • kotlin:
    • fix errors in generic functions (#782 by gfx; thanks to @rongi for reporting it)
  • haskell:
    • fix escapes in char literals (#780 by gfx; thanks to @Tosainu for reporting it)

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