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Changelog for 3.6.0

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  • Add seed information to JSON formatter output. (#2388, Mitsutaka Mimura)
  • Include example id in the JSON formatter output. (#2369, Xavier Shay)
  • Respect changes to config.output_stream after formatters have been setup. (#2401, #2419, Ilya Lavrov)

Bug Fixes:

  • Delay formatter loading until the last minute to allow accessing the reporter without triggering formatter setup. (Jon Rowe, #2243)
  • Ensure context hook failures running before an example can access the reporter. (Jon Jensen, #2387)
  • Multiple fixes to allow using the runner multiple times within the same process: RSpec.clear_examples resets the formatter and no longer clears shared examples, and streams can be used across multiple runs rather than being closed after the first. (#2368, Xavier Shay)
  • Prevent unexpected example_group_finished notifications causing an error. (#2396, VTJamie)
  • Fix bugs where config.when_first_matching_example_defined hooks would fire multiple times in some cases. (Yuji Nakayama, #2400)
  • Default last_run_status to "unknown" when the status field in the persistence file contains an unrecognized value. (#2360, matrinox)
  • Prevent let from defining an initialize method. (#2414, Jon Rowe)

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