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Changelog for 3.1.0

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  • Update files generated by rspec --init so that warnings are enabled in commented out section of spec_helper rather than .rspec so users have to consciously opt-in to the setting. (Andrew Hooker, #1572)
  • Update spec_helper generated by rspec --init so that it sets the new rspec-expectations include_chain_clauses_in_custom_matcher_descriptions config option (which will be on by default in RSpec 4) and also sets the rspec-mocks verify_partial_doubles option (which will also default to on in RSpec 4). (Myron Marston, #1647)
  • Provide an inspect output for example procsy objects (used in around hooks) that doesn't make them look like procs. (Jon Rowe, #1620)
  • Remove a few unneeded require statements from rspec/core/rake_task.rb, making it even more lighterweight. (Myron Marston, #1640)
  • Allow rspec-core to be used when neither rspec-mocks or rspec-expectations are installed, without requiring any user configuration. (Sam Phippen, Myron Marston, #1615)
  • Don't filter out gems from backtraces by default. (The RSpec gems will still be filtered). User feedback has indicated that including gems in default backtraces will be useful. (Myron Marston, #1641)
  • Add new config.filter_gems_from_backtrace "rack", "rake" API to easily filter the named gems from backtraces. (Myron Marston, #1682)
  • Fix default backtrace filters so that the RSpec binary is excluded when installing RSpec as a bundler :git dependency. (Myron Marston, #1648)
  • Simplify command generated by the rake task so that it no longer includes unnecessary -S. (Myron Marston, #1559)
  • Add --exclude-pattern CLI option, config.exclude_pattern = config option and task.exclude_pattern = rake task config option. Matching files will be excluded. (John Gesimondo, Myron Marston, #1651, #1671)
  • When an around hook fails to execute the example, mark it as pending (rather than passing) so the user is made aware of the fact that the example did not actually run. (Myron Marston, #1660)
  • Remove dependency on FileUtils from the standard library so that users do not get false positives where their code relies on it but they are not requiring it. (Sam Phippen, #1565)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix rake task t.pattern = option so that it does not run all specs when it matches no files, by passing along a --pattern option to the rspec command, rather than resolving the file list and passing along the files individually. (Evgeny Zislis, #1653)
  • Fix rake task default pattern so that it follows symlinks properly. (Myron Marston, #1672)
  • Fix default pattern used with rspec command so that it follows symlinks properly. (Myron Marston, #1672)
  • Change how we assign constant names to example group classes so that it avoids a problem with describe "Core". (Daniela Wellisz, #1679)
  • Handle rendering exceptions that have a different encoding than that of their original source file. (Jon Rowe, #1681)
  • Allow access to message_lines without colour for failed examples even when they're part of a shared example group. (tomykaira, #1689)

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