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Changelog for 0.52.1

Bug fixes

  • #5241: Fix an error for Layout/AlignHash when using a hash including only a keyword splat. ([@wata727][])
  • #5245: Make Style/FormatStringToken to allow regexp token. ([@pocke][])
  • #5224: Fix false positives for Layout/EmptyLinesAroundArguments operating on blocks. ([@garettarrowood][])
  • #5234: Fix a false positive for Rails/HasManyOrHasOneDependent when using class_name option. ([@koic][])
  • #5273: Fix Style/EvalWithLocation reporting bad line offset. ([@pocke][])
  • #5228: Handle overridden Metrics/LineLength:Max for --auto-gen-config. ([@jonas054][])
  • #5226: Suppress false positives for Rails/RedundantReceiverInWithOptions when including another receiver in with_options. ([@wata727][])
  • #5259: Fix false positives in Style/CommentedKeyword. ([@garettarrowood][])
  • #5238: Fix error when #present? or #blank? is used in if or unless modifier. ([@eitoball][])
  • #5261: Fix a false positive for Style/MixinUsage when using inside class or module. ([@koic][])
  • #5289: Fix Layout/SpaceInsideReferenceBrackets and Layout/SpaceInsideArrayLiteralBrackets configuration conflicts. ([@garettarrowood][])
  • #4444: Fix Style/AutoResourceCleanup shouldn't flag ([@dpostorivo][])
  • #5278: Fix deprecation check to use loaded_path in warning. ([@chrishulton][])
  • #5293: Fix a regression for Rails/HasManyOrHasOneDependent when using a option of has_many or has_one association. ([@koic][])
  • #5223: False offences in :unannotated Style/FormatStringToken. ([@nattfodd][])
  • #5258: Fix incorrect autocorrection for Rails/Presence when the else block is multiline. ([@wata727][])
  • #5297: Improve inspection for Rails/InverseOf when including through or polymorphic options. ([@wata727][])
  • #5281: Fix issue where --auto-gen-config might fail on invalid YAML. ([@bquorning][])
  • #5313: Fix Style/HashSyntax from stripping quotes off of symbols during autocorrection for ruby22+. ([@garettarrowood][])
  • #5315: Fix a false positive of Layout/RescueEnsureAlignment in Ruby 2.5. ([@pocke][])
  • #5236: Fix false positives for Rails/InverseOf when using with_options. ([@wata727][])
  • #5291: Fix multiline indent for Style/BracesAroundHashParameters autocorrect. ([@flyerhzm][])
  • #3318: Look for .ruby-version in parent directories. ([@ybiquitous][])


  • #5300: Display correction candidate if an incorrect cop name is given. ([@yhirano55][])
  • #5233: Remove Style/ExtendSelf cop. ([@pocke][])
  • #5221: Change Layout/SpaceBeforeBlockBraces's EnforcedStyleForEmptyBraces from no_space to space. ([@garettarrowood][])
  • #3558: Create Corrector classes and move all autocorrect methods out of mixin Modules. ([@garettarrowood][])

Dependencies for 0.52.1

Name Requirement Status
~> 1.10

< 3.0, >=

~> 0.1

< 4.0, >= 2.2.2

~> 1.7

>= 1.0.1, ~> 1.0

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