Automatic Ruby code style checking tool. Aims to enforce the community-driven Ruby Style Guide.

Critical or Security advisories for 0.47.1

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Changelog for 0.47.1

Bug fixes

  • #3911: Prevent a crash in Performance/RegexpMatch cop with module definition. ([@pocke][])
  • #3908: Prevent Style/AlignHash from breaking on a keyword splat when using enforced table style. ([@drenmi][])
  • #3918: Prevent Rails/EnumUniqueness from breaking on a non-literal hash value. ([@drenmi][])
  • #3914: Fix department resolution for third party cops required through configuration. ([@backus][])
  • #3846: NodePattern works for hyphenated node types. ([@alexdowad][])
  • #3922: Prevent Style/NegatedIf from breaking on negated ternary. ([@drenmi][])
  • #3915: Fix a false positive in Lint/SafeNavigationChain cop with try method. ([@pocke][])

Dependencies for 0.47.1

Name Requirement Status
< 3.0, >=

~> 0.1

< 3.0, >= 1.99.1

~> 1.7

>= 1.0.1, ~> 1.0

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