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Critical or Security advisories for 3.0.1

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Changelog for 3.0.1

  • Fix validate_inclusion_of + in_array when used against a date or datetime column/attribute so that it does not raise a CouldNotSetAttributeError. (#783, 8fa97b4)

  • Fix validate_numericality_of when used against a numeric column so that it no longer raises a CouldNotSetAttributeError if the matcher has been qualified in any way (only_integer, greater_than, odd, etc.). (#784, #812)


  • validate_uniqueness_of now raises a NonCaseSwappableValueError if the value the matcher is using to test uniqueness cannot be case-swapped -- in other words, if it doesn't contain any alpha characters. When this is the case, the matcher cannot work effectively. (#789, ada9bd3)

Dependencies for 3.0.1

Name Requirement Status
>= 4.0.0

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