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Code coverage for Ruby 1.9+ with a powerful configuration library and automatic merging of coverage across test suites

Critical or Security advisories for 0.10.0

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Changelog for 0.10.0

2015-04-18 (changes)


  • Add writeup about using with Spring to README. See #341 (thanks @swrobel and @onebree)
  • Add support to pass in an Array when creating filter groups (original PR #104)
  • Filter /vendor/bundle by default. See #331 (thanks @andyw8)
  • Add some helpful singleton methods to the version string.
  • Allow array to be passed in a filter. See 375 (thanks @JanStevens)
  • Enforce consistent code formatting with RuboCop.


  • Fix order dependencies in unit tests. See #376 (thanks @hugopeixoto)
  • Only run the at_exit behaviors if the current PID matches the PID that called SimpleCov.start. See #377 (thanks @coderanger)

Dependencies for 0.10.0

Name Requirement Status
~> 1.1.0

~> 1.8

~> 0.10.0

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