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Code coverage for Ruby 1.9+ with a powerful configuration library and automatic merging of coverage across test suites

Critical or Security advisories for 0.14.0

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Changelog for 0.14.0


  • Officially support JRuby 9.1+ going forward (should also work with previous releases). See #547 (ping @PragTob when encountering issues)
  • Add Channel group to Rails profile, when ActionCable is loaded. See #492 (thanks @BenMorganIO)
  • Stop extending instances of Array and Hash during merging results avoiding problems frozen results while manually merging results. See #558 (thanks @aroben)


  • Fix parallel_tests when a thread ends up running no tests. See #533 (thanks @cshaffer)
  • Skip the :nocov: comments along with the code that they skip. See #551 (thanks @ebiven)
  • Fix crash when Home environment variable is unset. See #482 (thanks @waldyr)
  • Make track_files work again when explicitly setting it to nil. See #463 (thanks @craiglittle)
  • Do not overwrite .last_run.json file when refuse_coverage_drop option is enabled and the coverage has dropped (lead to you being able to just rerun tests and everything was fine). See #553 (thanks @Miloshes)

Dependencies for 0.14.0

Name Requirement Status
~> 1.1.0

< 3, >= 1.8

~> 0.10.0

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