Sinatra is a DSL for quickly creating web applications in Ruby with minimal effort.

Critical or Security advisories for 2.0.1

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Changelog for 2.0.1

  • Repair nested namespaces, by avoiding prefix duplication #1322. Fixes #1310 by Kunpei Sakai

  • Add pattern matches to values for Mustermann::Concat #1333. Fixes #1332 by Dawa Ometto

  • Ship the VERSION file with the gem, to allow local unpacking #1338 by Olle Jonsson

  • Fix issue with custom error handler on bad request #1351. Fixes #1350 by Jordan Owens

  • Override Rack::ShowExceptions#pretty to set custom template #1377. Fixes #1376 by Jordan Owens

  • Enhanced path validation in Windows #1379 by Orange Tsai

  • Improve development support and documentation by Faheel Ahmad, Shota Iguchi, Olle Jonsson, Manabu Niseki, John Hope, Horacio, Ice-Storm, GraniteRock, Raman Skaskevich, Carlos Azuaje, 284km, Dan Rice and Zachary Scott

Dependencies for 2.0.1

Name Requirement Status
~> 1.0

~> 2.0

= 2.0.1

~> 2.0

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