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Sinatra is a DSL for quickly creating web applications in Ruby with minimal effort.

Critical or Security advisories for 1.4.5

This version doesn't have any advisory. Want to report one?

Changelog for 1.4.5

  • Improve tests and documentation. (Seiichi Yonezawa, Mike Gehard, Andrew Deitrick, Matthew Nicholas Bradley, GoGo tanaka, Carlos Lazo, Shim Tw, kyoendo, Roman Kuznietsov, Stanislav Chistenko, Ryunosuke SATO, Ben Lewis, wuleicanada, Patricio Mac Adden, Thais Camilo)

  • Fix Ruby warnings. (Vipul A M, Piotr Szotkowski)

  • Fix template cache memory leak. (Scott Holden)

  • Work around UTF-8 bug in JRuby. (namusyaka)

  • Don't set charset for JSON mime-type (Sebastian Borrazas)

  • Fix bug in request.accept? that might trigger a NoMethodError. (sbonami)

Dependencies for 1.4.5

Name Requirement Status
~> 1.4

~> 1.4

>= 1.3.4, ~> 1.3

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