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Provides common authentication needs such as signing in/out, activating by email and resetting password.

Critical or Security advisories for 0.9.0

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Changelog for 0.9.0

  • Sending emails works with Rails 4.2 (thanks to @wooly)
  • Added valid_password? method
  • Added support for JIRA OAuth (thanks to @camilasan)
  • Added support for Heroku OAuth (thanks to @tyrauber)
  • Added support for Salesforce OAuth (thanks to @supremebeing7)
  • Added support for Mongoid 4
  • Fixed issues with empty passwords (thanks to @Borzik)
  • find_by_provider_and_uid method was replaced with find_by_oauth_credentials
  • Sorcery::VERSION constant was added to allow easy version check
  • @user.setup_activation method was made to be public (thanks @iTakeshi)
  • current_users method is deprecated
  • Fetching email from VK auth, thanks to @makaroni4
  • Add logged_in? method to test_helpers (thanks to @oriolbcn)
  • #locked? method is now public API (thanks @rogercampos)
  • Introduces a new User instance method generate_reset_password_token to generate a new reset password token without sending an email (thanks to @tbuehl)

Dependencies for 0.9.0

Name Requirement Status
~> 3.1

>= 0.4.4, ~> 0.4

>= 0.8.0

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