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WebMock allows stubbing HTTP requests and setting expectations on HTTP requests.

Critical or Security advisories for 2.0.2

This version doesn't have any advisory. Want to report one?

Changelog for 2.0.2

  • Using Base64.strict_encode64 instead of Base64.encode64 to handle long user:pass basic auth credentials

    Thanks to Jonathan Schatz

  • Fixed handling of Authorisation header provided as string instead of array when using em-http-request.

    Thanks to Michael Richardson for reporing the issue.

  • Ensured WebMock.net_connect_explicit_allowed? always returns boolean.

    Thanks tp Jose Luis Honorato

Dependencies for 2.0.2

Name Requirement Status
>= 2.3.6

>= 0.3.2

>= 0

My projects using webmock

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