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Name Latest version Description
Npms A 0.0.1
Minimal promise implementation from the CommonJS Promises/A specification
Npms AAAAAAAAAAAAApackage-json-schema 1.0.0
JSON Schema for node/npm package.json
Npms ABAValidator 1.0.5
A validation module for browsers and Node.js to validate an American Bankers Association Routing Number used in ACH payments.
Npms ABCEnd 0.0.1
ABC Endpoint Demo
Npms ADBCordovaAnalytics 0.0.1
Analytics Wrapper for Ionic Projects
Npms ADM_DEV_KIT 2.0.0
Component Driven Static Website Development Tool
Npms AMD 0.0.3
AMD (Asynchronous Module Definition) support for node.js, specifically define()
Npms AMGCryptLib 1.0.1
AMGCryptLib uses AES 256 for encryption or decryption. This library can be used for encryption and decryption of strings using Node on iOS, Android and Windows
Npms ANSIdom 0.0.1
a quick and dirty DOM implementation in ANSI escape codes
Npms AOS 1.1.0
Animate on scroll library
Npms API-Documentation 1.1.0
[![Build Status](](
Npms APIConnect 0.6.0
A simplified Javascript interface for working with APIs.
Npms APICreatorSDK 1.4.12
A rapid development NodeJS SDK for API's using CA Live API Creator REST API services.
Npms APM-mouse 0.1.2
Ever heard of APM (actions per minute) in Warcraft or Startcraft?
Npms APM.P2H 0.0.9
Atrium project manager
Npms APlan 1.5.0
Npms AQ 1.0.0
App which automates QUnit tests
Npms ASP.NET 0.0.0
Npms AT.dashboard-lib 0.2.19
Ensemble de fonctions utilitaires pour creer/editer/lire un dashboard
Npms ATS_lib 1.0.0
ATS Dev common library
Npms AVNjs 0.0.1-security
This package name is not currently in use, but was formerly occupied by another package. To avoid malicious use, npm is hanging on to the package name, but loosely, and we'll probably give it to you if you want it.
Npms AWSS3Drive 1.0.0
Npms AZTecDecoder 1.0.0
Biblioteka programistyczna pozwalająca na dekodowanie danych z dowodów rejestracyjnych pojazdów samochodowych zapisanych w formie kodu AZTEC 2D.
Npms Able-Component 1.0.1
Npms AbokyBot 0.0.1
Friendly Bot
Npms Academy.Web 0.3.0
Profoto Academy Web Site
Npms Accessor 0.3.2
A database wrapper, provide easy access to databases
Npms Accessor_MongoDB 0.5.5
A MongoDB wrapper for Accessor database layer
Npms Accessor_MySQL 0.4.1
A MySQL database wrapper, provide easy access to database without writing SQL code
Npms Accessor_Singleton 0.1.2
A instance pool for Accessor module