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Changelog for 0.25.0

Another small release while we're gearing up for a 1.0 built with Babel 7. This is likely to be the last 0. release, but we may go through a few beta releases for 1.0 whilst we wait for Babel 7 to get out of beta itself.

  • We now detect @std/esm in AVA's "require" configuration and will use it to require subsequent modules 72c53be
  • t.log() now supports multiple arguments 4f896c2
  • AVA no longer globally modifies Error.stackTraceLimit in the worker processes f00f3c4
  • We've improved TypeScript typings for t.snapshot(value, options) 29e5dfd
  • Source maps for the test files can now be resolved if they reside on a different drive aaddc37
  • Code excerpts shown for test failures now handle Windows-style linebreaks 947f207
  • We've updated the Debugging tests with Visual Studio Code recipe with tips on serial debugging and skipping dependencies 4a13966 bcb77fc

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Thanks 💌

💖 Huge thanks to @ppatel221, @cdaringe, @jy95, @jamestalmage, @okyantoro, @ajafff, @niftylettuce, @kugtong33, @troysandal, @willnode and @forresst for helping us with this release. We couldn’t have done it without you!

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