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Changelog for 0.23.0

Highlights 🕴

NODE_ENV=test ✨

AVA will now set process.env.NODE_ENV to 'test', as long as the NODE_ENV environment variable has not already been set. 42e7c74

Improved snapshot storage location 🗃

Snapshots are stored alongside your test files. This is great when your test file is executed directly but say if you're using TypeScript to precompile your test file AVA would store the snapshots in your build directory. In this release, if source maps are available, AVA determines the original test file location and uses that to store the snapshots.

You can also specify where snapshots are stored through the snapshotLocation option in the package.json file. 7fadc34

Matching anonymous tests 🕵️

--match='*' now matches all tests, including those without a title. 1df502d

Miscellaneous 🎒

  • The verbose logger now only displays the timestamp when in watch mode 1ea758f
  • Anonymous functions are now included in stack traces c72f4f2
  • Concurrency is now capped at 2 in CI environments 3f81fc4
  • AVA no longer calls Bluebird.longStackTraces(). If you're using Bluebird you may want to call this yourself using a require script. ebf78b3 61101d9
  • There's a new recipe for endpoint testing using Mongoose c9fe8db
  • The browser testing recipe has been updated with an example of exposing global variables, such as jQuery f43d5ae
  • t.log() is now supported in the Flow and TypeScript type definitions 64b7755
  • t.title is now supported in the TypeScript type definitions 3c8b1be
  • t.snapshot() now has a better Flow type definition ded7ab8

All changes 🛋


Thanks 💌

💖 Huge thanks to @anshulwadhawan, @mliou8, @dehbmarques, @forivall, @forresst, @Couto, @impaler, @kristianmandrup, @lukechilds, @neoeno, @jugglinmike, @P-Seebauer, @philippotto, @ptim, @rhendric, @ntwb, @tdeschryver, @timothyjellison and @zellwk for helping us with this release. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Get involved ✌️

We welcome new contributors. AVA is a friendly place to get started in open source. We have a great article on getting started contributing and a comprehensive contributing guide.

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