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Changelog for 0.24.0

Highlights 💡

This is a pretty small release, but a great one if you're solely developing for Node.js 8.3 or above.

You can now use object rest/spread properties in test files without any further Babel configuration. Note that if you're running tests on older versions of Node.js you'll still need to add the relevant Babel plugins, since this new language feature has not yet reached stage 4. 37c9122c50722b06039f1cc2306a7c176fd3c786

Miscellaneous 🕯

  • Before and after hooks are no longer run when all tests are skipped 1cd3a04fbab2787a4f2dd4020529f8598ec31e51
  • Improved output of assertion statements when tests fail 37e8b49af78dc72bbf6a4ff674650cd57f48ea58
  • Improved feedback when values are deeply equal but not the same c41b2afc201118bfdc4d2039180ae2ddd0f697c9
  • Updated the Typescript with an example of how to title macros f98a8810de770c4d22d87302580eecc228c8d052

All changes 📚


Thanks 💌

💖 Huge thanks to @jedmao, @Lifeuser, @mightyiam, @ahmadawais and @codeslikejaggars for helping us with this release. We couldn’t have done it without you!

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We welcome new contributors. AVA is a friendly place to get started in open source. We have a great article on getting started contributing and a comprehensive contributing guide.

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