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Custom parser for ESLint

Critical or Security advisories for 7.2.2

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Changelog for 7.2.2


  • Lots of cleanup by @zertosh
  • @vitorbal added support for ESLint 4 alpha.

  • Fix: use eslint-scope instead of escope if present (#461) (Vitor Balocco)
  • Separate finding peer deps from monkeypatching (#460) (Andres Suarez)
  • Remove unused .gitmodules (#457) (Andres Suarez)
  • Use dedent for unpadding (#456) (Andres Suarez)
  • Enable strict mode in all of babylon-to-espree (Andres Suarez)
  • Move ast convert steps to babylon-to-espree (Andres Suarez)
  • Use for-loop for template literal conversion (Andres Suarez)
  • Only iterate over tokens once (Andres Suarez)
  • Inline fixDirectives and use for-loop (Andres Suarez)
  • Consolidate versions of "convertComments" (Andres Suarez)
  • toAst pass "source" in state instead of keeping in scope (Andres Suarez)
  • Add type parameter scope tests (#454) (Andres Suarez)

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