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Critical or Security advisories for 1.8.0

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Changelog for 1.8.0

  • Download tar archives from GitHub when possible (#2263)
    • Change default shorthand resolver for github from git:// to https://
  • Fix ssl handling by not setting GITSSLNO_VERIFY=false (#2361)
  • Allow for removing components with url instead of name (#2368)
  • Show in warning message location of malformed bower.json (#2357)
  • Improve handling of non-semver versions in git resolver (#2316)
  • Fix handling of cached releases pluginResolverFactory (#2356)
  • Allow to type the entire version when conflict occured (#2243)
  • Allow owner/reponame shorthand for registering components (#2248)
  • Allow single-char repo names and package names (#2249)
  • Make bower version no longer honor version in bower.json (#2232)
  • Add postinstall hook (#2252)
  • Allow for @ instead of # for install and info commands (#2322)
  • Upgrade all bundled modules

Dependencies for 1.8.0

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