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Critical or Security advisories for 3.0.0

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Changelog for 3.0.0

We're now targeting UglifyJS3, if you need to continue to use UglifyJS2, you should stay on v2.1.2.

Breaking Changes

  • The custom option "preserveComments" was removed.

    As a replacement, set the options.output.comments option directly, UglifyJS3 understands the following options:

    • "all", to attempt to keep all comments.
    • "some", to keep comments containing some license text.
    • a RegExp
    • a function that should return true or false.

    While the "some" option works for many cases, it doesn't fully match the behavior of the "license" option. Fortunately, you can pass the exported function from uglify-save-license as the comment option.

  • The "minifier" API, which you could use to provide your own UglifyJS instance has been removed. It has been replaced with the "composer" API.

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