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Changelog for 0.20.0

Dec 3, 2017

As usual, we are focusing on bug fixes but this time, we introduce an exceptional breaking change, consistent with the removal of onTouchTapfor onClick in v0.19.0 (#7624).

Big thanks to the 10 contributors who made this release possible.

Breaking Change

  • [core] Remove TouchTap in favor of Click throughout library and docs (#9058) @m2mathew

You need to globally replace any references to TouchTap property callbacks with Click.

Component Fixes / Enhancements

  • [AutoComplete] Fix undef dataSource.value (#8864) @michalmikolajczyk
  • [BottomNavigation] Allow null child (#8925) @MrSaints
  • [Menu] Use filtered children on setFocusIndexStartsWith (#9316) @alancasagrande
  • [Menu] Fix condition where item is removed from menu before it is used in focus calculation. (#8769) @zentron
  • [Slider] Fix Updating min and max props (#9261) @thomaskempel
  • [Slider] Fix slider being disabled onKeydown error (#9001) @henryj
  • [Stepper] Allow invalid children (#8634) @svengau


  • [docs] Add FlyWeekend in showcase (#8812) @tjl9
  • [docs] Add a web app to the showcase (#8767) @maheshj567
  • [docs] Update Home h2 text to match v1 (#9060) @m2mathew


  • [npm] Upgrade 'inline-style-prefixer' to 3.0.8 (#9320) @m2mathew
  • [RenderToLayer] Remove touchstart events, to prevent double call to onRequestClose (#9118) @midan888

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