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Changelog for 0.19.0

Aug 15, 2017

Big thanks to the 11 contributors who made this release possible. As always, we are focusing on bug fixes but this time, we introduce an exceptional breaking change.

Breaking Changes
  • [core] Removed module's reliance on react-tap-event-plugin (#7624) @lostpebble

This change is paving the way toward supporting the upcoming react@16 release a.k.a Fiber. The react-tap-event-plugin dependency was removed, it was first introduced 3 years ago in order to remove the click delay on mobile devices. Mobiles devices' browsers have improved since then, it's no longer required. It's time to remove that dependency as we have done it a year ago on the v1-beta branch. You need to replace the onTouchTap property callbacks with onClick.

-<div onTouchTap={this.handleEvent} />
+<div onClick={this.handleEvent} />

Thanks @lostpebble for your hard work!

Component Fixes / Enhancements
  • [EnhancedSwitch] Fix checked prop (#7499) @LeoIannacone
  • [Table] Row click on empty cell to not die in IE (#7520) @Brianzchen
  • [Popover] Fix unknown "scrollableContainer" prop warning (#7560) @husterk
  • [Popover] Fixed bug where Popover renders relative to screen (#7663) @lostpebble
  • [Menu] Broken touch scroll on nested menu items (#7557 @adam187
  • [DatePicker] Fix bug where 'isSelectedDateDisabled' was returning undefined (#7735) @lostpebble
  • [docs] Update ROADMAP (#7543) @kgregory
  • [docs] Replace deprecated babel-plugin-material-ui with babel-plugin-direct-import (#7706) @umidbekkarimov
  • [docs] Fix comment typo (#7523) @ruffle1986
  • [examples] Remove browserify @oliviertassinari (0cb504cf830abd805c1a7699f828bf5b0a6c23be)
  • [docs] added showcase of '' (#7677) @ngxiaoyi
  • [docs] Create (#7704) @oliviertassinari
  • [core] Add react^16.0.0-beta.5 in peer dependencies @oliviertassinari (8032d51c3faf4ddc5bcf814c9458fbc227a083e2)

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