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React Components that Implement Google's Material Design.

(react, react-component, material design, material-ui)

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Changelog for 0.17.4

Apr 14, 2017

Big thanks to the 5 contributors who made this release possible. Following React's announcement that includes the deprecation of some pattern, we have updated the codebase in order to support the latest v15.5.4 release of React. Thanks @rsolomon for taking care of it!

Component Fixes / Enhancements
  • [SelectField] Add dropDownMenuProps property (c3ee8e88d1a8abb399d44b73bd3214883ccccd7a) @viniciusdcc
  • [CardActions] Fix showExpandableButton bug (#6578) @akshaynanavati
  • [DatePicker] Customizable calendar system (#6565) @alitaheri


  • [react] Use React 15.5 and prop-types lib (#6577) @rsolomon

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