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Critical or Security advisories for 5.0.0

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Changelog for 5.0.0

Mocha starts off 2018 right by again dropping support for unmaintained rubbish.

Welcome @vkarpov15 to the team!

:boom: Breaking Changes

  • #3148: Drop support for IE9 and IE10 ([@Bamieh]) Practically speaking, only code which consumes (through bundling or otherwise) the userland buffer module should be affected. However, Mocha will no longer test against these browsers, nor apply fixes for them.

:tada: Enhancements

:bug: Fixes

:sunglasses: Developer Experience

:book: Documentation

:nut_and_bolt: Other

  • #3118: Move TextMate Integration to its own repo ([@Bamieh])
  • #3185: Add Node.js v9 to build matrix; remove v7 ([@xxczaki])
  • #3172: Markdown linting ([@boneskull])
  • Test & Netlify updates ([@Munter], [@boneskull])

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