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simple, flexible, fun test framework

(mocha, test, bdd, tdd, tap)

Critical or Security advisories for 3.2.0

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Changelog for 3.2.0

:newspaper: News

Mocha is now a JS Foundation Project!

Mocha is proud to have joined the JS Foundation. For more information, read the announcement.

Contributor License Agreement

Under the foundation, all contributors to Mocha must sign the JS Foundation CLA before their code can be merged. When sending a PR--if you have not already signed the CLA--a friendly bot will ask you to do so.

Mocha remains licensed under the MIT license.

:bug: Bug Fix

  • #2535: Fix crash when --watch encounters broken symlinks (@villesau)
  • #2593: Fix (old) regression; incorrect symbol shown in list reporter (@Aldaviva)
  • #2584: Fix potential error when running XUnit reporter (@vobujs)

:tada: Enhancement

:nut_and_bolt: Other

  • #2570: Use karma-mocha proper ([@boneskull])
  • Licenses updated to reflect new copyright, add link to license and browser matrix to ([@boneskull], [@ScottFreeCode], [@dasilvacontin])

Thanks to all our contributors, sponsors and backers! Keep on the lookout for a public roadmap and new contribution guide coming soon.

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