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simple, flexible, fun test framework

(mocha, test, bdd, tdd, tap)

Critical or Security advisories for 3.5.0

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Changelog for 3.5.0

:newspaper: News

  • Mocha now has a code of conduct (thanks @kungapal!).
  • Old issues and PRs are now being marked "stale" by Probot's "Stale" plugin. If an issue is marked as such, and you would like to see it remain open, simply add a new comment to the ticket or PR.
  • WARNING: Support for non-ES5-compliant environments will be dropped starting with version 4.0.0 of Mocha!

:lock: Security Fixes

:tada: Enhancements

  • #2696: Add --forbid-only and --forbid-pending flags. Use these in CI or hooks to ensure tests aren't accidentally being skipped! (@charlierudolph)
  • #2813: Support Node.js 8's --napi-modules flag (@jupp0r)

:nut_and_bolt: Other

  • Various CI-and-test-related fixes and improvements ([@boneskull], [@dasilvacontin], @PopradiArpad, [@Munter], [@ScottFreeCode])
  • "Officially" support Node.js 8 (@elergy)

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