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simple, flexible, fun test framework

(mocha, test, bdd, tdd, tap)

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Changelog for 4.1.0

4.1.0 / 2017-12-28

This is mainly a "housekeeping" release.

Welcome @Bamieh and @xxczaki to the team!

:bug:: Fixes

  • #2661: progress reporter now accepts reporter options (@canoztokmak)
  • #3142: xit in bdd interface now properly returns its Test object (@Bamieh)
  • #3075: Diffs now computed eagerly to avoid misinformation when reported (@abrady0)
  • #2745: --help will now help you even if you have a mocha.opts (@Zarel)

:tada: Enhancements

  • #2514: The --no-diff flag will completely disable diff output (@CapacitorSet)
  • #3058: All "setters" in Mocha's API are now also "getters" if called without arguments (@makepanic)

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