Node.js package to access serial ports. Linux, OSX and Windows. Welcome your robotic JavaScript overlords. Better yet, program them!

(ccTalk, com port, data logging, hardware, iot, johnny-five, modem, nodebots, RFID, sensor, serial port, serial, serialport, sms gateway, sms, stream, tty, UART)

Critical or Security advisories for 6.1.1

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Changelog for 6.1.1

  • chore(docs): Minor spelling and grammer changes. (093c85d)
  • fix(linux): Adds missing header file for musl libc (eg alpine) (#1487) (02e2bfe), closes #1487 #1470
  • docs: Add appropriate thanks to the changelog (a3b3663)
  • docs(api): commit docs for github pages (792459d)
  • docs(changelog) :fix typo (#1484) (2da025e), closes #1484

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