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Portable Unix shell commands for Node.js

(shelljs, bash, unix, shell, makefile, make, jake, synchronous)

Critical or Security advisories for 0.7.7

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Changelog for 0.7.7

Closed issues:

  • Error output should be consistent across all platforms. #681
  • *CRITICAL data loss* shell.cp() Content of file is erased when trying to copy it to the folder it already belongs to #678
  • Use with webpack broken in 0.7.6 #667
  • Difference between bash ls -R and ShellJS ls -R with symlinks #666
  • Refactor which() (too many repeated code blocks) #656
  • find() raises error when unable to find any files matching, expected to return empty array. #653
  • Drop support for v0.12 #647
  • Reformat the markdown in #642
  • rm -rf doesn't work if the directory contains an asar archive in Electron #618
  • Add support for other file types in rm #617
  • Feature request: ls -L option #563
  • How to send SIGINT signal to child process launched with exec #518
  • exec doesnt seem to be working #480
  • feature request: option to add node_modules to the path for shelljs scripts #469
  • high cpu usage during synchronous exec #167

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