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Critical or Security advisories for 2.1.0

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Changelog for 2.1.0


  • add a 'binary' flag (#3185)
// by default, the object is recursively scanned to check whether it contains some binary data
// in the following example, the check is skipped in order to improve performance
socket.binary(false).emit('plain-object', object);

// it also works at the namespace level
io.binary(false).emit('plain-object', object);
  • add support for dynamic namespaces (#3195)
io.of(/^\/dynamic-\d+$/).on('connect', (socket) => {
  // = '/dynamic-101'

// client-side
const client = require('')('/dynamic-101');

Bug fixes

  • properly emit 'connect' when using a custom namespace (#3197)
  • include the protocol in the origins check (#3198)

Important note :warning: from Engine.IO 3.2.0 release

There are two non-breaking changes that are somehow quite important:

  • ws was reverted as the default wsEngine (, as there was several blocking issues with uws. You can still use uws by running npm install uws --save in your project and using the wsEngine option:
var engine = require('');
var server = engine.listen(3000, {
  wsEngine: 'uws'

Milestone: 2.1.0 Diff: 2.0.4...2.1.0 Engine.IO version: 3.2.x

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