An extensible static analysis linter for the TypeScript language

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Critical or Security advisories for 5.7.0

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Changelog for 5.7.0

:tada: New rules, options, and fixers

:hammer_and_wrench: Bugfixes & enhancements

  • [api] AbstractRule#applyWithFunction allows additional parameter that is passed through to walkFn (#3140)
  • [api] AbstractRule#applyWithFunction has better type checking for its type parameter (#2660)
  • [bugfix] member-access autofix now correcly inserts public keyword after decorators (#3162)
  • [bugfix] prefer-const correctly handle catch without binding parameter introduced in typescript@2.5.1 (#3151)
  • [bugfix] no-invalid-template-strings allows backslash-prefixed template expressions (#3116)
  • [bugfix] deprecation no longer shows errors on imports and exports (#3141)
  • [bugfix] deprecation: fix false positive when calling a function or method where another overload is deprecated (#2883)
  • [bugfix] whitespace: fixed "check-separator" for trivial for cases. (#3132)
  • [bugfix] prefer-object-spread prevent spreading this as it is not allowed by the compiler (#3126)
  • [bugfix] msbuild formatter uses backslashes in paths on Windows (#3145)
  • [bugfix] no-namespace ignores global augmentation (#3161)
  • [enhancement] remove superfluous empty lines on tslint output. (#3121)
  • [enhancement] no-submodule-imports allows whitelisting of submodules like @angular/core/testing (#3129)
  • [enhancement] custom lint rules will be resolved using node's path resolution to allow for loaders like ts-node (#3108)
  • [enhancement] quotemark no longer requires "single" or "double" to be the first option. The rule defaults to "double" if none is specified. (#3114)
  • [enhancement] no-unused-variable autofix removes trailing comments of imports (#3156)
  • [enhancement] no-unnecessary-type-assertion allows certain necessary assertions to prevent type widening (#3120)

Thanks to our contributors!

  • Paul Gschwendtner
  • Andy Hanson
  • ksvitkovsky
  • Santi Albo
  • aervin
  • Junle Li
  • Joscha Feth
  • WiseBird
  • Caleb Eggensperger
  • WGroenestein
  • Bowen Ni

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