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Changelog for 0.8.1

, 21 Nov 2014

  • 81333f3 [dist] Version bump. 0.8.1 (indexzero)
  • 73872a8 [fix doc] Remove all mentions of the word "promise", vows is based on the EventEmitter. (indexzero)
  • a8314b8 Delay process.exit for proper drain of streams on node 0.10 (Illya Klymov)
  • 01590ff make importSuites work with jscover (Reno Reckling)
  • a39d1b8 Ensure that assertions fail when arguments are missing (Christian Tegnér)
  • 049b026 [fix] One significant digit for code coverage. Fixes #240. (indexzero)
  • 9ee52a7 Round coverage percentage down. (David I. Lehn)
  • acbb20a [fix] Partially revert bc4c23929f3ce4ba66650130675405a1e85bb26c. Fixes #325. (indexzero)
  • 2405195 [fix] Use .toStringEx() in test from #324. (indexzero)
  • e9b4d76 Show full path in error traces (execjosh)
  • d6118ec Refactor error stack trace file path extraction (execjosh)
  • 5dced8e Fixed recursive call of assertion errors which led to a huge delay when a test failed - Fixes cloudhead/vows#278 (Pascal Mathis)
  • f5cec76 Tests for assert.epsilon failing on NaN (James Gibson)
  • ec0442c Make assert.epsilon fail for NaN actual value (James Gibson)
  • 64857e3 [dist] Towards a meaningful Generated from: (indexzero)
  • f18b325 [fix dist] Fix travis and the "^" operator on node@0.8.x. (indexzero)
  • 875f0d3 Correct assignment for assert.notInclude() synonym assert.notIncludes() (Evan Prodromou)
  • 1c598f0 [fix] Properly handle NaN in assert.inDelta extension. Fixes #120. Thanks @mbostock! (indexzero)
  • 1b44458 [fix] Fix typos in some reporters. Fixes #287. (indexzero)
  • b14f762 [test] Add failing tests for #287. (indexzero)
  • e9fb10d Add instructive error message to importSuites that could help new users. (Michael Floering)

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