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Changelog for v4.0.0

  • The behavior of the non-specific tag ! is changed and now forces non-evaluating your values.

  • complex mappings will throw a ParseException

  • support for the comma as a group separator for floats has been dropped, use the underscore instead

  • support for the !!php/object tag has been dropped, use the !php/object tag instead

  • duplicate mapping keys throw a ParseException

  • non-string mapping keys throw a ParseException, use the Yaml::PARSE_KEYS_AS_STRINGS flag to cast them to strings

  • % at the beginning of an unquoted string throw a ParseException

  • mappings with a colon (:) that is not followed by a whitespace throw a ParseException

  • the Dumper::setIndentation() method has been removed

  • being able to pass boolean options to the Yaml::parse(), Yaml::dump(), Parser::parse(), and Dumper::dump() methods to configure the behavior of the parser and dumper is no longer supported, pass bitmask flags instead

  • the constructor arguments of the Parser class have been removed

  • the Inline class is internal and no longer part of the BC promise

  • removed support for the !str tag, use the !!str tag instead

  • added support for tagged scalars.

    Yaml::parse('!foo bar', Yaml::PARSE_CUSTOM_TAGS);
    // returns TaggedValue('foo', 'bar');

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