A set of sniffs for PHP_CodeSniffer that checks for PHP version compatibility.

(standards, compatibility, phpcs)

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Changelog for 8.0.1

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  • :star2: New DeprecatedTypeCasts sniff to detect deprecated and removed type casts, such as the (unset) type cast as deprecated in PHP 7.2. #498
  • :star2: New NewTypeCasts sniff to detect type casts not present in older PHP versions such as the (binary) type cast as added in PHP 5.2.1. #497
  • :star: NewGroupUseDeclaration: Detection of PHP 7.2 trailing comma's in group use statements. #504
  • :star: DeprecatedFunctions sniff: recognize some more PHP 7.2 deprecated functions. #501
  • :star: DeprecatedIniDirectives sniff: recognize more PHP 7.2 deprecated ini directives. #500
  • :star: ForbiddenNames sniff: recognize object as a forbidden keyword since PHP 7.2. #499
  • :star: NewReturnTypeDeclarations sniff: recognize generic parent, PHP 7.1 iterable and PHP 7.2 object return type declarations. #505, #499
  • :star: NewScalarTypeDeclarations sniff: recognize PHP 7.2 object type declarion. #499


:pencil2: Improved clarity of the deprecated functions alternative in the error message. #502


:fire_engine: Temporary hotfix for installed_paths (pending upstream fix.) #503


Thanks go out to [Juliette Reinders Folmer] for her contributions to this version. :clap:

Dependencies for 8.0.1

Name Requirement Status
^4.0 || ^5.0 || ^6.0

^2.2 || ^3.0.2

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