A set of sniffs for PHP_CodeSniffer that checks for PHP version compatibility.

(standards, compatibility, phpcs)

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Changelog for 8.1.0

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  • :star2: New NewConstants and RemovedConstants sniffs to detect usage of new/removed PHP constants for all PHP versions from PHP 5 up. #526, #551, #566. Fixes #263.
  • :star2: New MagicAutoloadDeprecation sniff to detect deprecated __autoload() functions as deprecated in PHP 7.2. #540
  • :star2: New OptionalRequiredFunctionParameter sniff to check for missing function call parameters which were required and only became optional in a later PHP version. #524
  • :star2: New DynamicAccessToStatic sniff to detect dynamic access to static methods and properties, as well as class constants, prior to PHP 5.3. #535. Fixes #534.
  • :star: DeprecatedFunctions sniff: recognize yet more PHP 7.2 deprecated functions. #561, #566
  • :star: DeprecatedIniDirectives sniff: recognize the last of the PHP 7.2 deprecated ini directives. #566, #567
  • :star: NewFunctions : detection of all new PHP 7.2 functions added. #522, #545, #551, #565
  • :star: RemovedExtensions : report on usage of the mcrypt extension which has been removed in PHP 7.2. #566
  • :star: RemovedGlobalVariables : detection of the use of $php_errormsg with track_errors which has been deprecated in PHP 7.2. #528
  • :books: Documentation : added reporting usage instructions. #533, #552


  • :pushpin: NewClosures : downgraded "$this found in closure outside class" to warning. #536. Fixes #527.
  • :pushpin: ForbiddenGlobalVariableVariable : the sniff will now throw an error for each variable in a global statement which is no longer supported and show the variable found to make it easier to fix this. Previously only one error would be thrown per global statement. #564
  • :pushpin: ForbiddenGlobalVariableVariable : the sniff will now throw warnings for non-bare variables used in a global statement as those are discouraged since PHP 7.0. #564
  • :rewind: NewLanguageConstructs : updated the version number for T_COALESCE_EQUAL. #523
  • :pencil2: Sniff::getTestVersion() : simplified regex logic. #520
  • :green_heart: Travis : build tests are now being run against PHP 7.2 as well. #511
  • :wrench: Improved check for superfluous whitespaces in files. #542
  • :wrench: Build/PHPCS : stabilized the exclude patterns. #529
  • :wrench: Build/PHPCS : added array indentation check. #538
  • :white_check_mark: PHPCS cross-version compatibility : sync FindExtendedClassname() method with upstream. #507
  • :wrench: The minimum version for the recommended DealerDirect/phpcodesniffer-composer-installer Composer plugin has been upped to 0.4.3. #548


  • :bug: ForbiddenCallTimePassByReference : a false positive was being thrown when a global constant was followed by a bitwise and. #562. Fixes #39.
  • :bug: ForbiddenGlobalVariableVariable : the sniff was overzealous and would also report on global in combination with variable variables which are still supported. #564. Fixes #537.
  • :bug: ForbiddenGlobalVariableVariable : variables interspersed with whitespace and/or comments were not being reported. #564
  • :rewind: ForbiddenNamesAsInvokedFunctions : improved recognition of function invocations using forbidden words and prevent warnings for keywords which are no longer forbidden as method names in PHP 7.0+. #516. Fixes #515
  • :bug: VariableVariables : variables interspersed with whitespace and/or comments were not being reported. #563
  • :umbrella: Fixed some unintentional syntax errors in test files. #539
  • :umbrella: Tests : fixed case numbering error. #525
  • :books: Tests : added missing test skip explanation. #521
  • :wrench: Fixed PHPCS whitespaces. #543
  • :wrench: Fixed code test coverage verification. #550. Fixes #549.


Thanks go out to Juliette Reinders Folmer and Jonathan Van Belle for their contributions to this version. :clap:

Dependencies for 8.1.0

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