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Manage WordPress core entities.

Critical or Security advisories for v1.1.0

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Changelog for v1.1.0

  • Adds pluck and patch commands to wp option and wp (post|comment|user|term) meta for fetching and modifying serialized data [#24, #65].
  • Introduces commands for managing mature and public status of sites [#63].
  • Improves performance of wp comment list --format=count [#64].
  • Prevent deleting the root site on multisite, which WordPress core doesn't permit [#73].
  • Adds wp user (spam|unspam) for marking users as spam [#74, #86, #90].
  • Supports --order=(asc|desc) and --orderby=(default|<key>) when listing options and meta [#47].
  • Improves top-level command descriptions [#72, #75, #77, #83].
  • Updates package tests to latest [#91, #92].

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