Manage WordPress core entities.

Critical or Security advisories for v1.2.0

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Changelog for v1.2.0

  • option get:
    • Displays error message if option doesn't exist [#126].
  • option list:
    • Defaults to not showing transients [#127].
  • post create/update:
    • Adds the ability to add multiple metadata by passing JSON-formatted arrays to --meta_input [#133, #138].
  • post create:
    • Accepts category slugs in --post_category and checks if incorrect ids or slugs given [#129].
  • post delete:
    • Corrects delete message [#124].
  • user remove-caps:
    • Errors if the cap doesn't exist or is inherited from a role [#125].
  • user reset-password:
    • New command to reset a user's password [#119].
  • Updates scaffolded README and tests and requires wp-cli/wp-cli: ^1.5 [#118, #133, #137].

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